My Civilization V Pictures

I wanted to share some pictures of Civilization V  with you and i hope you like them:

civ-5-brave-new-world-e1374269728980civ5-5 brave new world... civilization-v-brave-new-world-03-700x438 civ5-brave-new-world-trade-routes CaptureVic civ5-brave-new-world-tourism-bonus o3eN1civ5_screenshot

I hope you like what you see and please come back for more. I`ll be posting more in the future. 

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R.I.P. Paul Walker


Paul Walker was an amazing actor i love him on Fast and the Furious. I love his work, his movies were really entertaining to me. I really don`t know that much about Paul Walker but i do know that he was a great man and a very good actor. I want to say Paul Walker you’re going to be very missed.

R.I.P Paul Walker

The WordPress Family Award

I just wanted to say is that i`m sorry for taking sooooo long to write this awards. Ever since my baby boy was born i haven’t had enough time to myself.  I would like to thank Icesabel for nominating me for this award. I didn`t expected to be nominated. I just started following Icesabel and she’s really awesome. When you have the time you should definitely check her out!



Rules for the award are:

Tell 10 facts of yourself

Nominate 10 bloggers


Here are 10 facts of myself:

1. I love music (It has to be music that entertains me, if not i won`t listen to it).

2. I`m very kind and outgoing person.

3. I can`t wait to be Miss Betsie Jackson (My man drakulus ask me to marry him).

4. I love to eat (Come on who doesn`t).

5. When i was 18 i met drakulus at a gas station. (4/18/11).

6. I love vehicles. 

7. I love to sing my kids.

8. I can stand on my hands for a long period of time.

  9. I love to exercise.

   10. I can make realist fart sounds (lol).


Here are my nominees:







Once again i want to thank Icesabel for nominating me for this award. I`m very sorry if your name was not on the list. I thought i had to choose people that don`t get that much attention. If your interested who these people are go and check them out, their really good at what they do.

 I`ll see you guys very soon and i`ll be posting more stuff in the future.

Civilization V Review

John Heatz

Hi guys Lunaliah here. I would like to thank John Heatz for having me here and i’m sorry that I haven’t been active. I’ve been really sick lately but the good news is that i’m feeling much better now and can get back to writing!



Civilization V is the latest installment in the Civilization Series. Civilization V is what I like to call the king of strategy games. This is one addictive game. Civilization V released back in 2010 but it has two expansions. The latest one, Brave New World, came out earlier this year and it really adds to the core game. The goal of Civilization V is to advance your chosen civilization throughout time until yours is dominant civilization. The way to do this is by simply researching new technologies. You can teach your people how to read and write by discovering literature. You can teach them…

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My pictures of Vindictus

Here are some Vindictus pictures i hope you like them:

The pictures you see below i wanted to show off my characters.








In this picture Tieve was trying to see if the giant spider was okay.


In this picture i had to carry Tieve to safety.


This is me killing the giant beast (he was under a spell, i had no choice but to kill the beast. This giant spider was the town guardian).


i hope you like the pictures and i`ll be posting more in the future. You may follow me on here, on, on and on

My Pictures of Path of Exile

Here are some Path of Exile pictures i hope you like them:

2013-11-10_00079 2013-11-10_00085 2013-11-10_00093 2013-11-11_00034 2013-11-11_00035 2013-11-11_00044 2013-11-11_00063 2013-11-14_00003 2013-11-14_00009 2013-11-14_00014

2013-11-09_00011 2013-11-09_00025 2013-11-09_00019 2013-11-09_00004

Path of Exile is one addictive game! I never thought I would like it so much but I’m a loot whore and I can’t help but love all that shiny loot scattered around the place.

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How To Install Ely’s Uncapper on Skyrim

John Heatz

I play Skyrim a lot and when I first started I didn’t have anyone teach me how to mod the game and it was difficult for me to learn. If you’re like me and you want to learn how to mod, this is a good place to start. Below I have a video that will teach you how to install Elly’s Uncapper for Skyrim. Everything might seem confusing at first but I assure you it’s easy and by the time the video finishes you’ll be on your way to modding Skyrim like I do.

After you download Elly’s uncapper copy and paste it in your Skyrim directory. It should look like this: program files [x86], steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim. Just paste it right there where your main Skyrim executable is and not in your data folder and you’ll be fine. Every other mod that you download will go in you “data” folder…

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My Sunshine Award!!!

I want to thank  for nominating me for this Sunshine Award. It really means a lot to me that. I really didn`t expect for me to get another award. I honestly thought i was not going to get nominated but come to find out i did. Thanks 

Here are 10 facts about myself:

1. I like to stare up into the night sky, and look at the stars.

2. I love spending time with my family. My family makes me feel like i`m the luckiest mother/wife in the world.

3. When i was a little girl i use to eat soap (Come on who hasn`t).

4. I hate to read (I would only read something if it`s entertaining to me).

5. I`m allergic to dust (Who isn`t allergic to dust).

6. I`m still afraid of the dark.

7. I love playing games with my man drakulus.

8. I have OCD. (When i see something that is not clean it will bother me to the point that i would get up and clean it even if i didn`t make the mess).

9. When i play Civilization 5 i put hours upon hours into this game.

10. I love kittens (Who doesn`t).

Here are my nominees:


 2. Play Legit : Legitimate Gaming

3. Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)

4. The Cinema Monster

5. Adventures of a Girl Gamer

6. The Mental Attic

I once again want to thank drakulus for nominating me for the Sunshine award. Also, i want to say that i`m more and happy to be your wife and the mother of your kids. I will always love you and i`m glad you choose me to be your partner till the end.

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Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea Review

Here’s drakulus’s official review of Burial At Sea, the new dlc for Bioshock Infinite. Check it out!


Bioshock Infinite’s new dlc Burial At Sea is a short but amazing experience to playthrough. Once again you play as Booker and Elizabeth and you’re on the trail of a young girl that went missing a while ago. Elizabeth hires Booker to investigate and this is how our journey through Rapture begins and it is quite a journey. Rapture is breathtakingly beautiful. There is a huge amount of detail in everything and I was literally blown away by the beauty in it.

2013-11-12_000042013-11-12_000102013-11-12_00013Instead of traveling around a desolate Rapture it’s literally filled with life and places for you to explore to your hearts content. It took me almost an hour to just walk around and listen to all the gossip while occasionally stopping to take in the view. New weapons, and vigors has been added in this dlc including awesome looking golden weapons, and a new frost vigor that you…

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Marvel Heroes First Impressions


Drakulus recently got me into Marvel Heroes and it’s not bad. I actually had some fun playing it last night.

Marvel-HeroesMarvel heroes has seen some big improvements since it’s release. For starters when you make a new account you get to choose from 9 starting characters instead of 5. Captain America, and The Human Torch being among them. The gameplay is point and click but you can mix it up by pushing hot keys to perform various skills. Another major change in the game is the pricing on the heroes in the game. You no longer need 800 eternity splinters to buy all the strong characters. They have been reduced by half and this makes grinding for them more fun.

Marvel heroes isn’t exactly a beautiful game but the skills are excellent and very pretty to look at. I was ooooo and ahhh while I was playing. What I don’t…

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