My SunShine Award


I want to thank playlegit.net. for nominating me for this award. I`m so speechless right now.

Here are the rules:

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My day was a disaster

My day started with a random rain storm that kind of ruined my day, (all i wanted to do was to take my family out to eat breakfast but it didn’t go so well; because of the weather). When the rain finally cleared up i thought to myself oh the damn the weather. I thought my day wasn’t going to be ruined, but i thought wrong.

[I would of had a picture but my phone died]

Come to find out that instead of a rain storm it was a tropical storm. I truly believe that if we didn’t have our jackets we would be all sick. My 4 year old daughter just got over a little cold and my 1 year old daughter just got over the same. They both gave me their cold. But hey i would of have got it instead of my kids. All they kept asking me was “oh mom i want to go” and all i can say is “No” cause i couldn’t just let my girls get another cold.

My whole day had to be cut short because of the random weather. It really sucks that we couldn’t enjoy our day like we planned to. My man and i where disappointed!!! We had to change plans just to enjoy our day.

 Honestly i thought my day was already bad, but when we got home it was even worse. There were people outside our room having a agreement about stupid stuff. Ugh!!! I swear i picked the wrong day to make plans. All i wanted to do was to enjoy our day because my family and I were under a lot of stress, and I thought hey why not go out and try to have some fun. For now on ill stop making plans without checking on the weather first. 

I really wanted to head home and sleep the rest of my day off after a long bad day we had. But instead of me sleeping my 1 month old baby boy wouldn’t sleep. I wasn’t surprised that he was not asleep cause of all the agreeing that was coming from the outside door. Like come on who can sleep with so much noise, and there you have it my HORRIBLE day.

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Civilization V Review

John Heatz

Hi guys Lunaliah here. I would like to thank John Heatz for having me here and i’m sorry that I haven’t been active. I’ve been really sick lately but the good news is that i’m feeling much better now and can get back to writing!



Civilization V is the latest installment in the Civilization Series. Civilization V is what I like to call the king of strategy games. This is one addictive game. Civilization V released back in 2010 but it has two expansions. The latest one, Brave New World, came out earlier this year and it really adds to the core game. The goal of Civilization V is to advance your chosen civilization throughout time until yours is dominant civilization. The way to do this is by simply researching new technologies. You can teach your people how to read and write by discovering literature. You can teach them…

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How To Install Ely’s Uncapper on Skyrim

John Heatz

I play Skyrim a lot and when I first started I didn’t have anyone teach me how to mod the game and it was difficult for me to learn. If you’re like me and you want to learn how to mod, this is a good place to start. Below I have a video that will teach you how to install Elly’s Uncapper for Skyrim. Everything might seem confusing at first but I assure you it’s easy and by the time the video finishes you’ll be on your way to modding Skyrim like I do.

After you download Elly’s uncapper copy and paste it in your Skyrim directory. It should look like this: program files [x86], steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim. Just paste it right there where your main Skyrim executable is and not in your data folder and you’ll be fine. Every other mod that you download will go in you “data” folder…

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My Sunshine Award!!!

I want to thank drakulus.com  for nominating me for this Sunshine Award. It really means a lot to me that. I really didn`t expect for me to get another award. I honestly thought i was not going to get nominated but come to find out i did. Thanks drakulus.com. 

Here are 10 facts about myself:

1. I like to stare up into the night sky, and look at the stars.

2. I love spending time with my family. My family makes me feel like i`m the luckiest mother/wife in the world.

3. When i was a little girl i use to eat soap (Come on who hasn`t).

4. I hate to read (I would only read something if it`s entertaining to me).

5. I`m allergic to dust (Who isn`t allergic to dust).

6. I`m still afraid of the dark.

7. I love playing games with my man drakulus.

8. I have OCD. (When i see something that is not clean it will bother me to the point that i would get up and clean it even if i didn`t make the mess).

9. When i play Civilization 5 i put hours upon hours into this game.

10. I love kittens (Who doesn`t).

Here are my nominees:

1. 1001-Up.com

 2. Play Legit : Legitimate Gaming

3. Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)

4. The Cinema Monster

5. Adventures of a Girl Gamer

6. The Mental Attic

I once again want to thank drakulus for nominating me for the Sunshine award. Also, i want to say that i`m more and happy to be your wife and the mother of your kids. I will always love you and i`m glad you choose me to be your partner till the end.

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