Civilization V Review

 Civilization V is what I like to call the king of strategy games. This is one addictive game. Civilization V released back in 2010 but it has two expansions. The latest one, Brave New World, came out earlier this year and it really adds to the core game. The goal of Civilization V is to advance your chosen civilization throughout time until yours is dominant civilization. The way to do this is by simply researching new technologies. You can teach your people how to read and write by discovering literature. You can teach them how to construct walls by teaching them math which leads to learning construction and later on Engineering.

civ5-5 brave new world...By advancing through the technology skill tree your society grows and becomes more dominant then your neighbors. Be careful not to get too far in one area and forget about others. It’s important to keep you military as strong as possible because your neighbors will attempt to take you out if you’re not careful. The a.i in Civilization V on higher difficulties are pretty good and can wipe out your entire Civilization if you’re not careful. The Brave New World Expansion adds to the diplomacy side of the game while Gods and Kings adds to the military side of things. Religion now plays a role in the game and can be used to convert other nations into believing in your faith.

Later on in the game you can establish a world leader by having other civilizations vote for you. You can also win the game by havingciv5_screenshot the best economy or through your culture. You get points for just about everything you do. If you take over the capitol of one civilization then you’ll be one step closer to a domination victory. If you get elected to be the world leader then you’ll win diplomatically. Another neat feature in this game is choosing pythons. You can choose the way your civilization grows by choosing the Liberty skill tree or if you want religion to be your main focus then go with Piety. Civilization takes what’s good about strategy games and combines then all into one game. You can go to war, be diplomatic, have a great economy, focus on your culture by building natural world wonders in your cities, and so much more.

As a strategy game fan I can’t help but think that this is the best Strategy game i’ve ever played. I think that if the diplomacy was a little better I could justify giving this game a full 10 but it’s still an all around enjoyable experience and it’s one I think every strategy game fan should try out for themselves.

Here is what Drakulus thinks of the game:

“Civilization V is blends together the perfect mix of what you would expect in a strategy game. If you don’t have the patience to be diplomatic then you could use your military might to crush everyone beneath you, You can play this game the way you want without being pushed into one play style like in other strategy games out there. Civilization V is definitely a full 10 from me and I highly recommend this one to everyone. Even newcomers will find this game easy to jump into and enjoy without being overwhelmed or confused on what they should do.”

The Verdict – 9/10


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