Civilization V Review

 Civilization V is what I like to call the king of strategy games. This is one addictive game. Civilization V released back in 2010 but it has two expansions. The latest one, Brave New World, came out earlier this year and it really adds to the core game. The goal of Civilization V is to advance your chosen civilization throughout time until yours is dominant civilization. The way to do this is by simply researching new technologies. You can teach your people how to read and write by discovering literature. You can teach them how to construct walls by teaching them math which leads to learning construction and later on Engineering.

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My Top 10 Worst Games Of 2014

I did my top ten best games of 2014. If you missed that than all you’ve got to do is click here to catch up. Today I will be writing about the games that pissed me off the most last year. It’s also known as my top 10 worst games of 2014. Continue reading “My Top 10 Worst Games Of 2014”


My Top 10 Games Of 2014

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