My Versatile Blogger Award

versatile-award-awesomeOh wow!!! Ummm!! What more can i say. I’m so surprised of getting this award, i can’t believe that i was nominated thank you drakulus.

Here are the rules:

  • You must thank the person who gave it to you, and include a link to their blog.
  • You must then select fifteen blogs that you’ve recently discovered or regularly follow, and nominate them for the award.
  • Finally, you must tell the person who nominate you seven things about yourself.


Here are my 7 facts of myself:

1. I hate my height. I think i`m to tall.

2. I hate my eye color.

3. I love to game with drakulus.

4. I love long walks.

5. I hate campfires.

6. I love to shop.

7. I hate sport games.


Here are my nominees:


Careen Kuhn Photography

The Rhodes Review


Jordan and Eddie(The Movie Guys)

Gamers Therapy

The Otaku Jugde



These guys are amazing and I recommend checking them all them out.

Once again i want to thank drakulus23 for nominating me. I`m very thankful for this award. I know it said to nominate 15 bloggers but i only came up with 8 bloggers. You may follow me on here and on and on I’ll see you guys soon.




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