The WordPress Family Award

I just wanted to say is that i`m sorry for taking sooooo long to write this awards. Ever since my baby boy was born i haven’t had enough time to myself.  I would like to thank Icesabel for nominating me for this award. I didn`t expected to be nominated. I just started following Icesabel and she’s really awesome. When you have the time you should definitely check her out!



Rules for the award are:

Tell 10 facts of yourself

Nominate 10 bloggers


Here are 10 facts of myself:

1. I love music (It has to be music that entertains me, if not i won`t listen to it).

2. I`m very kind and outgoing person.

3. I can`t wait to be Miss Betsie Jackson (My man drakulus ask me to marry him).

4. I love to eat (Come on who doesn`t).

5. When i was 18 i met drakulus at a gas station. (4/18/11).

6. I love vehicles. 

7. I love to sing my kids.

8. I can stand on my hands for a long period of time.

  9. I love to exercise.

   10. I can make realist fart sounds (lol).


Here are my nominees:







Once again i want to thank Icesabel for nominating me for this award. I`m very sorry if your name was not on the list. I thought i had to choose people that don`t get that much attention. If your interested who these people are go and check them out, their really good at what they do.

 I`ll see you guys very soon and i`ll be posting more stuff in the future.


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