My Pictures of Path of Exile

Here are some Path of Exile pictures i hope you like them:

2013-11-10_00079 2013-11-10_00085 2013-11-10_00093 2013-11-11_00034 2013-11-11_00035 2013-11-11_00044 2013-11-11_00063 2013-11-14_00003 2013-11-14_00009 2013-11-14_00014

2013-11-09_00011 2013-11-09_00025 2013-11-09_00019 2013-11-09_00004

Path of Exile is one addictive game! I never thought I would like it so much but I’m a loot whore and I can’t help but love all that shiny loot scattered around the place.

I hope you like the pictures and you may follow me on here, or on!



8 thoughts on “My Pictures of Path of Exile”

  1. Hey, What a lovely blog you have here. I am going to enjoy reading all of your posts!! I hope you might want to follow my blog… There isn’t anything much there at all yet, but I will be posting lots of Path of Exile stuff… Also I am an artist and it would be cool if you have any really cool character screenshots, I could maybe draw up one of them 😀

    +1 Follow ^.^

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