Marvel Heroes First Impressions


Drakulus recently got me into Marvel Heroes and it’s not bad. I actually had some fun playing it last night.

Marvel-HeroesMarvel heroes has seen some big improvements since it’s release. For starters when you make a new account you get to choose from 9 starting characters instead of 5. Captain America, and The Human Torch being among them. The gameplay is point and click but you can mix it up by pushing hot keys to perform various skills. Another major change in the game is the pricing on the heroes in the game. You no longer need 800 eternity splinters to buy all the strong characters. They have been reduced by half and this makes grinding for them more fun.

Marvel heroes isn’t exactly a beautiful game but the skills are excellent and very pretty to look at. I was ooooo and ahhh while I was playing. What I don’t…

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