Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea Review

Here’s drakulus’s official review of Burial At Sea, the new dlc for Bioshock Infinite. Check it out!


Bioshock Infinite’s new dlc Burial At Sea is a short but amazing experience to playthrough. Once again you play as Booker and Elizabeth and you’re on the trail of a young girl that went missing a while ago. Elizabeth hires Booker to investigate and this is how our journey through Rapture begins and it is quite a journey. Rapture is breathtakingly beautiful. There is a huge amount of detail in everything and I was literally blown away by the beauty in it.

2013-11-12_000042013-11-12_000102013-11-12_00013Instead of traveling around a desolate Rapture it’s literally filled with life and places for you to explore to your hearts content. It took me almost an hour to just walk around and listen to all the gossip while occasionally stopping to take in the view. New weapons, and vigors has been added in this dlc including awesome looking golden weapons, and a new frost vigor that you…

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