My Versatile Blogger Award!!!!  wasn’t  ready for this award but hey i got lucky: and i just want to thank for nominating me for an Versatile Blogger award. This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me since I started this blog! I really didn’t expected to be nominated; thank you!

Here are my seven facts about myself:

1. I  love long walks on the beach and i love to sing and dance.

2.  I`m very honest and i love when someone is honest to me.

3. I would die for my kids no matter what the situation is.

4. I hate drama!!! (Who does n`t)

5. I`m a mother of three beautiful children and i love them from the bottom of my heart.

6. My kind of music is…Reggae,Reggae ton(Spanish music),Hip-Hop,R&B, Rock,Metal (should i say that ever since i met my man drakulus he`s got me into rock music and a little of metal) Thanks drakulus he he!!!

7.  I`m a caring person and i have a wonderful heart. I would help the people in need who are handicap. It breaks my heart to see people in that kind of situation.

(I actually feel their pain, they have the ability to be normal or try to fit in just because he/she is different.)  You shouldn’t judge people just because their different or don`t look normal. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and should be respected. If someone say other wise then they don`t know what beauty really is until they compare themselves to you. Don`t be the one to make other`s feel bad just because he/she did it to you in the past.

Anyway enough of that….

Here are my nominees:

1. Miss Rhiosace

2.Play Legit

3. Beer and Joysticks

4. V

5. Jordan And Eddie (The Movie Guy`s)

6.Dan The Man`s Movie Reviews


8. The Verbel Spew Review

9. Silver Screen Serenade

10. The Sidekick Complex

11. Adventures of a Girl Gamer

12. Caragale

13. With a Friend Like Gary

14. The Mental Attic

15. johnheatz

I once again want to thank for nominating me for an Versatile Blogger Award. I`m very excited that i got this award. You may like, and follow me on here, twitter, and 

 I hope you guys liked this and come back for more. I’ll see you soon! 


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