Guild Wars 2- Some More Screenshots


Here is the second batch of screenshots that I took while out whooping ass, dancing, and just swimming underwater:

2013-11-07_000602013-11-07_000592013-11-07_000432013-11-07_000442013-11-07_000482013-11-07_000472013-11-07_000462013-11-07_000452013-11-07_000742013-11-07_00075Here are some underwater pics:

2013-11-07_000572013-11-07_000562013-11-07_000552013-11-07_000542013-11-07_00053And here are some random pics of conversations, and really beautiful loading screens:

2013-11-07_000582013-11-07_000492013-11-07_000502013-11-07_000512013-11-07_000412013-11-07_000422013-11-07_000392013-11-07_000402013-11-07_000302013-11-07_000312013-11-07_00032I included some of Lunaliah’s character in these. I think she did a great job creating her character and she deserves some love too. Don’t forget to click on that Follow Us button for the latest news, reviews, first impressions, and more. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

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